1. 1/ Nissan is founded

    The company bursts on the scene with a production rate that peaks at 20 000 units.

    Jidosha-Seido Ltd. is established in Yokohama by Nikon Sangyo Co. and Tobata Imono Co. The new company is led by the brilliant Yoshisuke Aikawa and takes over all operations for manufacturing Datsuns.
    Nihon Sangyo takes on sole ownership of the company and renames it Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    The first small-size Datsun passenger car rolls off the line at the Yokohama plant.
  2. 2/ Post-war revival
    After the setbacks of the war, Nissan rebuilds itself and creates some of its most legendary models.
    Production of Datsun passenger cars is resumed.
    Nissan uses its expertise in manufacturing military vehicles – gained during WWII – to start a legend, the Patrol. The 85ps, six-cylinder 4x4 outperforms the American Willis Jeep in terms of load capacity and power
    There is a clash between the labour and management in the 100-Day Strike. Since the resolution of this conflict, relations between management and workers have remained relatively harmonious.
    Nissan is launched into the consciousness of world car markets when a Datsun 210 wins the Mobilgas Round Australia Trial.
    The Datsun Bluebird is launched in Japan and becomes an immediate success. It's destined to be one of Nissan's most successful models.
    Two years after first exporting cars to America, Nissan officially arrives with the establishment of the Nissan Motor Corporation USA (NMC) in California.
  3. 3/ A Foothold in Europe

    After successfully expanding into the United States and Australia, Nissan finally tackles the European market.

    Nissan begins exporting vehicles to Europe.
    Nissan merges with the Prince motor company. This adds an outstanding level of engineering staff to the group, as well as the renowned Skyline and Gloria models.
    The legendary 240Z is launched. The 2.4-litre in-line six produces 150ps, giving Porsche performance at less than half the price.
    In the midst of the fuel crisis, Nissan’s Sunny takes first place in fuel economy tests run by the US Environmental Protection Agency and achieves huge popularity in America.
    Nissan acquires an equity interest in Motor Iberica, S.A. in Barcelona, Spain. Cumulative exports surpass 10 million units.
    Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation USA (NMMC) is established in Smyrna, Tennessee.
    Nissan Motor Iberica S.A., Spain, begins production of the Patrol (Safari).
    After being sold in overseas markets as the Datsun brand, Nissan vehicles worldwide are unified under the brand name Nissan.
    Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. is established in Sunderland.
    The first Bluebirds roll off the line at Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.
    Nissan European Technical Centre Ltd. is established in the United Kingdom.
    Nissan Italy is established – the first of a series of distribution companies for Nissan, called National Sales Companies (NSCs).
  4. 4/ Growing the market

    Now well-established, Nissan Europe continues to grow - and begins winning awards.

    Nissan Europe NV (NENV) is established in Amsterdam to oversee the entire scope of Nissan’s activities in Europe, including product development, manufacturing, procurement and fund raising.
    A new National Sales Company, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd., is established in the UK.
    Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. begins exporting its Primera 5-door hatchback model to Japan.
    Nissan Design Europe GmbH is established in Germany.
    Built in Sunderland, UK, the Micra is launched in Europe-- heralding the era of the supermini. It wins the 1993 Car of the Year Award in Europe.
    Nissan Motor Iberica SA begins production of a new 4WD model, the Terrano II, for the European market. It becomes a worldwide success, accounting for more than 15% of the Barcelona plant’s production by 1999.
    Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. earns a Queen’s Award for Export Achievement for three consecutive years.
    Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. begins production exports of the Micra to Australia.
    Nissan European Technical centre (Espana) SA is established.
  5. 5/ Nissan Revival

    Nissan overcomes financial difficulties in record time, beating its old profit margins.

    Renault and Nissan sign an agreement for a Global Alliance. The agreement creates the world’s fourth mass productive automotive group, with annual output of almost 5 million vehicles and a combined workforce of 265 000.
    With the company on the verge of bankruptcy with extensive losses, Carlos Ghosn announces the NRP (Nissan Revival Plan).
    For fiscal year 2001, Nissan Europe returns to operating profitability and Nissan achieves a worldwide operating profit of 8% -- the highest in the company's history.
    Nissan opens its European Design Centre in London.
    The company posts a record operating profit of 6.25 billion euros and an operating margin of 10.8% for fiscal year 2002 -- the top level in the industry. Net automotive debt is eliminated.
    For fiscal year 2003, the company reports a record operating profit of 6.29 billion euros and an operating margin of 11.1 %, reaffirming Nissan's position as one of the most profitable automakers in the world.
    August - Nissan sells its 10 millionth car in Europe.

    November - Nissan opens its first wind farm on its production facilities in Sunderland, UK.
    August - Infiniti brand launched in Russia at the Moscow International motor show.
    December - Nissan announces Nissan Green Program 2010.
    May - Nissan Qashqai awarded five stars by Euro NCAP.

    July - Nissan begins construction of new assembly plant in St Petersburg, Russia.

    September - The Kingdom of Morocco and the Renault Nissan Alliance announce the creation of new manufacturing complex.

    October - Nissan completes acquisition of Sweden’s Atlet AB.

    May - Nissan in Europe reports record sales for the fiscal year 2007 with 636,000 units sold.

    June - Nissan International SA opens its new European headquarters in Rolle, Switzerland

    July - Portugal and the Renault Nissan Alliance to partner for zero-emission mobility.
    Jun - Nissan inaugurates new plant in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Jul - Nissan introduces new Dual Injector System for improved fuel efficiency in gasoline engines.

    Aug - Inauguration of new Nissan Global Headquarters.

    Nov - Nissan NV200 awarded International Van of the Year 2010 in Europe.
    Mar - Nissan announces the start of production for all-new March in Thailand.

    Apr - Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler AG announce wide-ranging strategic cooperation.

    May - Nissan announces the start of commercial production of Micra in Chennai, India.

    Sep - Dongfeng Nissan unveils new brand "Venucia" for China.