So you have ZERO tolerance to emissions and love the LEAF?

You like the idea of reducing your impact on the environment, but you’re worried about the impact on your bank balance?

No need for anxiety – a government grant entitles you to £5,000 off*, so you can purchase your LEAF for just £23,350 rather than the normal OTR price of £28,350. This exclusive offer is available to everyone and includes VAT.

*Subject to LEAF qualification/change in government policy

Offer Breakdown

Government Incentive - £5,000

Reduced Price - £23,350

Normal Price - £28,350

Grant Details:

A grant to reduce the cost of eligible electric, Plug-in hybrid and hydrogen cars by 25% (to a maximum of £5,000) will be available to consumers and business buyers from January 2011 and will run until 2014.  (subject to notifying the technical requirements of the scheme to and getting state aid approval from the European Commission). 

The grant will be available at the point of purchase directly from the dealership or manufacturer, so consumers will not be out of pocket or have to go through a separate application process.   It will work in a similar way to the Government scrappage scheme; except that you will not have to scrap your old car.

To find out more information about the Government Iincentive please click here.

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