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Townstar VE Disclaimer


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Please note that the configurator is for general guidance only and contents do not in any way constitute an offer or representation by Nissan. While all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, due to Nissan’s policy of continuous product improvement, all particulars contained are subject to revision. In particular, the following points should be noted:

Images shown may not be a complete and accurate reflection of your chosen vehicle, colour or specification and should not be relied upon. Specification and features vary across the range, and over time, and not all features are available on all grades. Please contact your local dealer for full specification details including colour and options before ordering a vehicle.

Some accessories may require additional parts or fitting kits that are not included in the stated price. Accordingly, you should contact your local authorised Nissan dealer for the most current information.

Authorised Nissan dealer fitting costs vary; please ask your local Nissan dealer for the exact fitting prices.

Certain accessories may not be compatible with other accessories or standard vehicle specifications and equipment.

Figures are indicative and shown for comparability purposes only, information does not constitute part of the offer. The figures may vary depending on multiple factors such as optional equipment, battery condition, climate control, maintenance, driving behaviour and non-technical factors like weather conditions, actual route etc. Real world results may vary. Nissan expressly reserves the right to modify at any time.

Electric Range

Range figures are obtained from laboratory testing in accordance with EU legislation and are intended for comparison between the different types of vehicles. The information does not refer to a particular individual vehicle and does not constitute part of the offer. The figures may not reflect real driving results. Starting charge of the battery, optional equipment, maintenance, driving behaviour and non-technical factors like weather conditions may affect the official results. Figures were determined under the new Worldwide harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) test cycle. Chargers available separately from one of our preferred partners.

Fuel Consumption

WLTP figures shown are for comparability purposes. Actual real-world driving results may vary depending on factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted after registration, weather conditions, driving styles and vehicle load.


Payload is calculated as the difference between gross vehicle weight (GVW) and kerb weight. Kerb weight is affected by factors such as body styles and options.

Any additional options and accessories specified on the vehicle will increase its kerb weight and reduce its payload accordingly. All weight figures are subject to 5% manufacturing tolerances.

Figures shown are indicative and exclude the driver.

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