What is Apple CARPLAY™?

Apple CarPlay™ is a safer way to use your iPhone in the car. Apple CarPlay™ takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car’s built-in display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music. Just plug in your iPhone and go.
For more information, please visit the Apple Carplay™ website.

Which Nissan vehicles support Apple CarPlay™?

To view which vehicles are equipped with Apple CarPlay™, please view Equipped Vehicles. As new Nissan vehicles are equipped with CarPlay™, Nissan will announce the availability. Each Nissan model must be designed specifically for Apple CarPlay™, and therefore models sold prior to the Nissan introduction of CarPlay™ are not compatible.

Which devices (phones) are compatible with Apple CarPlay™?

To use CarPlay™, you need an iPhone 5 or later with iOS 7.1 or later. Apple CarPlay™ is not compatible with non Apple devices (Android/Windows).

Where can I find the Apple CarPlay™ App?

There is not an App for Apple CarPlay™. This is part of the iPhone Operating System (iOS) (built into the phone) for all iPhone5 and newer. Be sure to have the latest software installed on the phone for best results. Also, Siri must be turned on in Settings.

How do I enable Apple CarPlay™ in my iPhone settings?

When you are not driving and plug in your phone for the first time, you should receive a pop up asking if you want to connect to the vehicle while phone is locked.

Also make sure that Siri is turned on. Go to Settings > General > Siri. Slide button to the right to Enable Siri.

Visit this link for more information on how to set up CarPlay™ with your iPhone.

How do I link my smartphone to the Apple CarPlay™ system?

You'll need to plug in an Apple Certified USB cable to the USB port.

Apple CarPlay™ will only work on the phone plugged into USB1. USB2 will not connect to Apple CarPlay™.

Why do I need to use a USB cable with my iPhone?

Apple CarPlay™ currently requires the use of an Apple Certified USB cable.

Can I still stream Bluetooth audio for iPhone?

Bluetooth Audio cannot be used from the device that is plugged into USB and running Apple CarPlay™. You can stream Bluetooth audio music from another device. You can select Bluetooth or other sources.

Does Apple CarPlay™ Apps support multiple phones and drivers?

Yes, but only one phone at a time. The vehicles system (head unit) only recognises the iPhone currently plugged into the USB port.

To switch to another iPhone, simply plug the new iPhone into the USB port and follow the instructions on screen.

Where can I find the Apple CarPlay™ Terms & Conditions?

By using Apple CarPlay™ you acknowledge the following: Apple CarPlay™ is a service provided by Apple Inc. under its terms and conditions. Nissan Cars is thus not responsible for Apple CarPlay™ or its features/applications. When using Apple CarPlay™, certain information from your car (including its position) is transferred to your iPhone. In relation to Nissan Cars, you are fully responsible for your and any others person’s use of Apple CarPlay™.

While connected to USB, will my iPhone® charge?

Yes, but may charge slower than normal depending on CarPlay™ usage (multiple app running: Navigation & Music & texts…..).

Does my phone need to be unlocked to use CarPlay™?

No. The first time your phone is connected, it will ask for your permission for CarPlay™ to work while the phone is locked. To change this setting at any time, go to Settings-->General-->CarPlay™. Select the vehicle, then you can toggle the setting off/on.

Do I need a data plan?

For all features of Apple CarPlay™ to operate correctly, it is necessary to have a compatible iPhone, a network connection and a data plan. Some features will work without a data connection (3G or 4G).

Functionality / apps / software / hardware

The functionality of Apple CarPlay™ may decrease or stop if there are changes to operating systems, hardware, software or other technologies, central to supporting the system that are outside of Nissan's control. Changing government regulations may also affect operation of Apple CarPlay™.

Performance Issues. Slow to load.

When Apple CarPlay™ is operating, system performance is affected by the strength of the network connection or performance of the phone itself. If performance of the system decreases:
•Check network Connection Strength. If low, please wait until you have a stronger signal
•Disconnect and reconnect your phone
•Close all apps and restart them
•Power iPhone OFF and then back ON

Cannot start Apple CarPlay™ though it is tethered to the vehicle. Also other performance Issues.

1.It is recommended to use the Apple Certified cable that was provided with your phone and confirm the latest software version is installed.
2.Confirm that the USB cable is connected to the correct USB port. Properly connect the USB cable to USB1 port.
3.Confirm that Apple CarPlay™ is turned on in the settings-->general menu on the iPhone.
4.Device is not compatible with CarPlay™. 

Check compatibility requirements.

Cannot access Siri using the switch on the steering wheel.

1.Check that you are pushing and holding TALK button on the steering wheel instead of just pushing the switch.
2.Siri setting is not enabled on the phone. Turn on SIRI on your phone.
3.Ensure you are using an Apple Certified cable. The cable may not be properly connected. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable, Ensuring it's connected to USB

Display Commander (scroll wheel) DTU.

Apple CarPlay™ does not support the use of the full use of Nissan Maxima Display Commander (Scroll wheel) for scrolling through menus or lists, selecting items/letters or for zooming/scrolling in Apple Map view. Please use the touchscreen to control Apple CarPlay™.

I cannot control the correct volume.

Volume controls (steering wheel buttons or volume knob) are used to control audio volume, ringer volume and Siri/guidance volume, depending on what is currently playing through the car speakers. The volume adjust should default back to audio/music volume when the guidance/Siri is over, in some cases Customer may need to wait before adjusting music volume.

If you see that you are controlling the guidance volume instead of the music volume, please confirm the iPhone screen is off. Alternatively, mute the phone for best performance.

Apple Maps Controls hard to find.

Apple Maps controls can be accessed by tapping the screen. Mute, Zoom, 3D map, etc.…

How do I exit CarPlay™?

To use the Nissan interface, push one of the hard buttons located on the left of the screen or one of the hard buttons next to the Display commander (scroll wheel).

To stop Apple CarPlay™ completely, you must disconnect from USB.

Where are my other apps? Calendar/Email/Facebook/Waze/NissanConnect

Apple controls which apps are compatible.

More apps may become available with future Apple phone software updates.