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What is VIN?
VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number, a unique number to each vehicle. The VIN can be found by looking at the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle. The easiest way to view it is to stand outside the vehicle on the driver's side and look at the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield.
What is energy economy?
Energy economy stands for the ratio between driving distance and power consumption. The more km/kWh or mile/kWh and the less kWh/km or kWh/mile, the better energy economy.
What is Favourites? (Information Feeds)
This is a function with which you can instantly access information feeds such as Internet and drive plan.
What is Trip? A Trip is defined as a journey, starting when the ignition is turned on and ending when the ignition is turned off (one trip is one journey).
What is Eco Tree?
The EcoTree is the name for the tree displayed on the eco indicator. It shows your contribution to ecological driving.


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How can I switch from mile to km?
The measure is set according to the country you registered for when signing in You+Nissan Carwings. It is reflected in Web, e-mail, and information feeds. Once registered in one country, you cannot switch the measure.


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Can I use the same user ID on different car?
A Carwings Login ID can exist for only one LEAF at a time.
Is more than one user ID available on the same car?
You cannot have multiple Carwings Login ID at the same time for the same LEAF.
What should I do when I sell my LEAF?
We advise you to remove the vehicle from your existing You+Nissan Carwings account.
Can I use the previous user ID if I switch to another car? You can only reuse your previous user ID while registering, if the account with the previous user ID was deleted.
What if I forgot my user ID? You can find you user ID on the navigation screen. You can also find it by logging into your Carwings account with your email address and password, and by clicking on "Configuration" and then "CARWINGS UPDATE".
What if I forgot my password? Please click "Forgot your password?" on the You+Nissan login page.


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I was logged out of Carwings or the NissanConnect EV app. Why?
Only 1 device can be logged in simultaneously. Signing in on the You+Nissan Carwings portal or on the NissanConnect EV app, will log you out from any ongoing connection.


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What is my nickname used for?
Your nickname is used to identify your vehicle in the regional and global Eco competition.


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How may email addresses can I register to receive notifications?
You can register up to 3 different emails, including the one you used during your registration.
I don't receive e-mail notifications
Please make sure that the notification settings are properly configured. You can configure the notifications preferences either on the You+Nissan Carwings Web portal, or directly on the NissanConnect EV App.


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I can't start Battery Status Check Remote Charge or Remote Climate Control.
First of all, please make sure that you have gone through all the steps of the registration process. Your vehicle needs to have network coverage. If the problem persists, please contact the Nissan Customer Services.
I can't start Remote Charge.
If a charge cable is not connected properly, Remote Charge won't work. It doesn't work because either the power switch of the car is on (it will only work when the power switch is off) or you're in an out-of-service area.
Can I stop Remote Charge from PC or mobile?
We're sorry but you can't stop Remote Charge from a PC or a mobile. If you'd like to stop it, please remove the cable manually.
When does Remote Charge stop?
It stops automatically when the battery is charged fully. It also stops when the cable is removed or power switch of car is on.
Can I start Rapid Charge from PC or mobile?
We're sorry but you can't. Remote Charging is available only for normal charge..
I can't start Remote Climate Control. If a charge cable is not connected properly or its battery gets low, Remote Climate Control won't work. It won't work when the power switch is on or when you're in an out-of-service area either.
Can I stop Remote Climate Control from PC or mobile?
Yes, you can stop the climate control via the You+Nissan Carwings Web portal or from within the NissanConnect EV app.
When does Remote Climate Control stop?
It stops after a maximum of 2 hours with a charge cable. It stops using battery power after a maximum of 15 minutes without a charge cable. It also stops when the cable is removed or power switch of car is on.
Can I set the temperature with Remote Climate Control?
We're sorry but this temperature cannot be updated remotely. Remote Climate Control automatically sets a comfortable temperature (around 25℃) .
Can I start Remote Climate Control while charging?
Yes. In this case, Climate Control works while Remote Charge is carried out.
Can I start Remote Charge while Remote Climate Control is working?
Yes. In this case, Remote Charge is carried out while Climate Control is working.
Will the Charging Status be notified once completed even if it's on Rapid Charge?
Yes, it will only be notified when Rapid Charge is finished or stops.
In what other situations will the Charging Status be notified other than when Charging is finished?
You will also receive a notification if the charge cable is removed or in case of a power outage.
How long does it take to activate the climate inside the car?
Once the timer is set, the climate control can take up to 5 minutes to start.
How long does the climate control run in the car whilst charging and not charging?
If your car is unplugged, the climate control will remain for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. If your car is plugged, the system checks the cabin temperature 2 hours before departure time and decides when it should start, to reach the target temperature.
How can I set the temperature of my remote climate function? For EUROLEAF, you can adjust the temperature of the climate control function on-board: Push Zero Emission Button > Settings > Timer/Remote – Set Climate Temp.
Can I set a timer while the climate control is already activated? Even if the climate control is turned ON, a timer can be configured to activate it again later. This won’t stop the current climate on-going.
Can I set several timers? Only one timer can be set. If you create a new timer when an existing timer is set, the new timer will cancel the previous one and replaced it.


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There is a discrepency between the driving distance displayed within the car and the one in the Web portal/application.
The information displayed on the meter is different from that on the navi because the navigation system starts calculating from when the account was first created.
How do you calculate CO2 emission cuts?
We assume we can cut CO2 emission with an electric car. By comparing the CO2 emitted when driving the same distance, in a Nissan Pulsar, our equivalent sized petrol car.


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How do you set the level of my driving style?
We set the level according to how far your driving style is from the average. The average is level 3.
How many driving history records are displayed?
You can see the latest 5 driving records on the NissanConnect EV app. If you need more, please use the You+Nissan Carwings Web portal.


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How do you calculate CO2 emission cuts?
We assume we can cut CO2 emission with an electric car. By comparing the CO2 emitted when driving the same distance, in a Nissan Pulsar, our equivalent sized petrol car.
It is different from the case.
Actual electric rate is different from each contract. It also depends on hours. Please use this service only as a guide.


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How do you classify Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze?
We rank them based on the list of monthly average energy economy. Platinum: in the top 20% Gold: in the top 20-50% Silver: 50-80% Bronze: less than 80%.
Now it's September, the ranking of August is still displayed.
When the data of September is uploaded, you will see the Septembers ranking from the next access. Since the ranking is tallied once a day, please access again the day after the data is uploaded.


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What is the difference among monthly, weekly, and daily ranking?
Each definition is as follows. Monthly: Ranking based on the value tallied monthly. It shows a cumulative value. Only energy economy represents an average value. The new value is tallied the next month. The tally is updated every day so you can see the progress.
There are 3 kinds of ranking on site for PC: monthly, weekly, and daily. Which is available on Information Feeds?
Daily ranking is available.
Even though I joined, I don't receive World Ranking detail. 
If driving data is not updated for more than 7 days, it will not be tallied for daily ranking. It takes a couple of days to reflect the driving data uploaded.
What does the tree icon stand for?
The tree icon represents the acquired numbers of Eco Trees in North America, Europe, and Japan.

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What is Remember Me?
Once you set up Remember Me, you don't have to enter your user ID and password each time, but you will still have to sign in manually.
What is Keep me Logged In?
Once you set up Keep me logged in on the NissanConnect EV app, you will automatically be redirected to your dashboard. In order to unselect this option, you should log out of the App.