Find the answers to key technical questions about the Nissan Micra here.

Nissan Micra technical specifications

Is the Nissan Micra manual or automatic?

The Nissan Micra is available with both an automatic and manual transmission.

What are the tyre pressures?

The recommended tyre pressures for the Nissan Micra are 32PSI (2,2 Bar) for the front and 29PSI (2 Bar) for the rear. The Nissan Micra is also equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

How big is the Nissan Micra?

The Nissan Micra is 3.99m (13ft 1in) long and 1.74m (5ft 9in) wide. This makes it big enough to be roomy inside, but still compact enough to be easy to drive and park in town.