Nissan navara fuel consumption

For those who want to buy a new 4x4 vehicle, Nissan offers a great variety of cars. Learn more about the Nissan Navara, Nissan Pathfinder and new Nissan X-TRAIL: prices, fuel economy, spare parts, engine, battery, NISSAN Connect, and so much more!

Nissan navara fuel consumption

New 4x4 models: Nissan X-Trail and Nissan Pathfinder 7-seaters

The Nissan X-TRAIL combines the performance of a 4x4 with the comfort of an SUV. A special edition of the Nissan X-Trail is waiting for you! It’s also time to learn more about the Nissan Pathfinder: upgrades (Acenta, Tekna, etc.), exterior, interior, specifications, length or weight. Both cars are equipped with the ALL-MODE 4x4 system! Take a test drive with these 7-seaters offroad!

Take a road test in the Nissan Navara 4x4 or pick-up

The Nissan Navara is known for its fuel economy. Ask for a brochure to get more information on our 4x4 cars! Also benefit from the towing capacity of the Nissan Navara Acenta double cab pick-up and find out more about prices, consumption (diesel or petrol), deals, features and accessories of this 4x4 vehicle!

Nissan navara fuel consumption

Pictures and specifications for all Nissan 4x4 vehicles

On the Nissan website, you can get useful information on prices, engines and features of the whole 4x4 range. In our photo gallery you will find many pictures of the Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan X-Trail and Nissan Navara. Also watch these high-performance cars on our off-road videos!

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