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Enjoy the latest Nissan models in your driveway whenever you need a car. Subscribe with a single monthly payment — insurance, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance included*.

Starting from £529 per month(1)

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Get going in minutes

Unlike leasing, there’s no downpayment or long-term commitment*. If you want to apply, our fully online process simply needs a scan of your driver’s licence, a signature, and a payment card.

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Meet the you that drives electrified

You can only tell so much from a test drive, but with Nissan subscription, you can test your whole new lifestyle. From 100% electric to e-POWER, the electrified experience is just a few clicks away. 

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Scared of commitment? Perfect.

While leasing requires a lengthy pledge, Nissan subscription starts from as little as 3 months, so if your situation is likely to change, you can simply change your car*.

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Enjoy being indecisive

Subscribing gives you access to a variety of Nissan models on short-term contracts, so you can test out more of our range over time. You can even register up to four drivers so you can enjoy each new Nissan together.

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*Subject to successful application and vehicle availability, terms and conditions apply.

(1) Based on a 24-month subscription, 800 miles per month, LEAF 39kWh Tekna.