Prices from £23,500[*]

New Nissan Juke

Petrol & Hybrid

Powertrains available

114 - 143

Max. engine power (PS)

46.3 - 58.8 [[117]]

Fuel consumption (mpg)

109 - 138 [[118]]

CO₂ emissions (g/km)

Nissan Juke 3/4 front static view in from of warehouse


Bold & Unique Design

Sharp lines have always defined Juke's bold design, inside and out. New alloys, new colours and updated interior take the Juke design up a notch.

Nissan Juke interior front dashboard view with passenger


As adaptable as you are

With generous cargo space and roomy interior, the Nissan Juke is versatile for everyday life.

Nissan Juke parked outside shop front


Petrol or Hybrid?

Discover the difference between the two powertrains and choose the one that suits you best!¹

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Nissan Juke dimensions

Compact and agile, yet boasting with impressive interior space, the Juke uses it's dimensions in the smartest possible way.


A - Overall height: 1,593mm (with shark fin antenna) <br> B - Overall length: 4,210mm<br> C - Overall width: 1,800mm (without mirrors)

Nissan Juke 3/4 front pack shot view indicating overall dimensions


A - 422L<br> B - 1,305L (with folded seats)

Nissan Juke top view illustration showing boot capacity


A - Max length: 1,477mm<br> B - Max width: 1,249mm

Nissan Juke 3/4 rear pack shot view indicating boot dimensions


Smart Technologies to assist you

Nissan advanced assist technologies help connect you to the world around you, helps improve safety, comfort and control while you drive.¹⁰

1/2 - ProPilot

With Nissan ProPILOT Assist the future gets even more intelligent, with driver assist technologies to take the stress out of motorway traffic, and make every drive more enjoyable.²

Nissan Juke rear running shot on city highway

1/2 - Intelligent Around View Monitor

The advanced Intelligent Around View Monitor²³ helps to make parking easier with a virtual 360 bird's eye view of your Juke.

Nissan Juke parking in the city

1/2 - Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning keeps an eye on up to two vehicles in front of you. If the system detects a sudden deceleration ahead, you hear an audible and visual warning to slow down³.

Nissan Juke Intelligent Foward Collision Warning illustration


Always connected to your world

With Nissan Intelligent Technology, you can stay in sync with the world around you. Connecting to your favourite playlist and apps, setting your destination and more⁴ ⁵.

1/2 Stolen Vehicle Tracking

In the modern world stolen vehicles are difficult to locate and recover, as thieves are getting smarter. Our Stolen Vehicle Tracking service is here to give you added piece of mind with your Juke. In the event of a theft our service provider will help law enforcement authorities (e.g. Police) to track and locate your connected Nissan Juke to support the attempt of its recovery ¹² ¹³.


1/2 - Seamless connectivity

Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ connect your smartphone to your Juke, so you can get directions, make calls, listen to playlists, and more.⁴ ⁵ ⁶

Nissan Juke front dashboard view showing NissanConnect screen

1/2 - NissanConnect Services App

The NissanConnect Services App can tell you where you parked, how many miles until empty, and more⁴ ⁷.

Nissan Juke profile view parked next to shop with person standing outside holding phone

1/2 - Home-to-car skills with Amazon Alexa®

Not sure if you remembered to look up? Amazon Alexa can check the status of your Juke and tell you if the doors are locked.¹¹

Nissan Juke interior view with driver using phone
With many flexible finance options available, you could experience the Nissan Juke for less than you think

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Accessorize and stand out

With Nissan Juke, you can create a look that's truly unique. Combine your choice of accessories and you'll have a vehicle that perfectly fits your needs and is visually thrilling too⁸.

1/2 - Mirror Cap Carbon Black

Give your side mirrors a stylish look with these carbon black mirror caps designed to perfectly complement your Juke.

Nissan Juke Mirror Cap Carbon Black

1/2 - Roof Mounted bike carrier ⁹

Transport up to 3 bikes safely and securely with this accessory that mounts onto the roof rails of your Juke. (Max weight 20kg, wheel size fits 36”/91cm)

Nissan Juke Roof Mounted bike carrier

1/2 - Trunk entry guard

High quality brushed aluminium trunk entry guard to ensure endurance. Designed to protect the bumper from scratches at the boot entry point.

Nissan Juke Trunk entry guard

1 Comparison made between Nissan Juke N-Connecta 1.0 114hp DCT and Nissan Juke N-Connecta Hybrid 143hp. Nissan Juke N-Connecta DCT, gasoline/diesel: fuel consumption (l/100 km): low: 7.5; medium: 5.6; high: 5.1; maximum: 6.5; combined: 6.1; CO2 emissions combined (g/km): 138. Nissan Juke N-Connecta Hybrid: fuel consumption combined (l/100 km): 4.8; CO2 emissions combined (g/km): 109. Vehicle has been homologated in accordance with EU regulations using the more realistic WLTP test procedure. NEDC values are therefore not available for this vehicle.

2 ProPILOT Assist is available on a limited range of vehicles and only on Automatic Transmissions. ProPILOT Assist is an Advanced Driver Assist technology but cannot prevent collisions. ProPILOT Assist is intended for “Eyes on/ Hands On” for highways only (road separated by Barriers). It is the driver’s responsibility to stay alert, drive safely, apply speed limits and safe speed based on road conditions and remain in control of the vehicle at any time.

3 You should not rely solely on driver convenience features. Some features may not work in all conditions and circumstances. Speed and other limitations apply. For terms and conditions relating to Nissan technologies, please contact your Nissan dealer or visit

4 To use the NissanConnect services you need a NissanConnect Services user account and have to register and log into NissanConnect Services app with your username and password. To use the free NissanConnect Services App, you need a smartphone with a compatible iOS or Android operating system and a SIM card with data option with an existing or separate mobile phone contract between you and your mobile service provider. All services are subject to mobile network coverage. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available free of charge, depending on model and/or grade. For more information, please contact your Nissan dealer or visit

5 In-Car WiFi is always a paid service available on subscription. For more information, please contact your Nissan dealer or visit

6 Connecting a mobile phone to use NissanConnect should only be done if the car is parked safely. Use of the system should always be in accordance with the rules of the Highway Code. Drivers should only use the system when it is safe to do so. Users should be aware of the potential for hands-free technology to distract attention from the road, which could impact on having full control of the vehicle.

7 Free services (Nissan on Google Assistant, Driving History & Analysis, Nissan Help & Assistance, Breakdown Assistance, Vehicle Health, Battery Manager - for Electric Vehicles Only) are available free of charge for a period of 7 years, depending on model and/or grade. For more information, please contact your Nissan dealer or visit

8 Accessories shown are standard and/or optional on selected grades only. Additional costs may apply. Visuals are of Juke N-sport and N-design which includes genuine accessories.

9 Nissan Select Accessories provided by Nissan approved partners. They are providing warranty under their terms and conditions, which are one year warranty minimum. For further details please contact your Nissan dealer. Accessories and any additional equipment fitted by the customer may have an impact on the communicated range figures of the car. Nissan Genuine Accessories are covered by the new vehicle warranty of 3 years/100,000 kms (whatever comes first), if fitted by a Nissan dealer or Nissan repairer before Vehicle Handover or during the new vehicle warranty period. Genuine Accessories fitted outside of the new vehicle warranty period or by a Third Party or by the Customer are only covered by the Nissan Genuine Parts and Accessories Warranty of 12 months / unlimited mileage. Images and descriptions shown are for guidance purposes. In some instances, photos are of non-UK specification vehicles and do not represent a specific model, grade or offer. The features shown may not be available or may not be available as standard or only as option.

10 It is your responsibility to stay alert, drive safely and be in control of the vehicle at all times. Driver assist features have speed and other limitations and should not be solely relied on. For more information, please refer to the owner’s manual or visit

11 Amazon and Alexa® and all related marks are trademarks of Inc or its affiliates. Certain Alexa functionality is dependent on smart home technology.

12 Stolen Vehicle Tracking available on New Juke models with Navigation produced after Feb’24  (except Petrol Acenta - available from June’24 production).

13 Paid service available on subscription, depending on model, year and grade. Please check the NissanConnect Services app for more details.