Inside your Nissan LEAF, get the latest information on the battery level and range through the customisable Digital Information Display. Outside, check this information using the NissanConnect Services app on your phone.[1] [2]

Nissan LEAF in the background, with smartphone displaying NissanConnect tools in the foreground

Away from your LEAF

NissanConnect App on mobile phone showing battery level

NissanConnect Services app[1]

Designed exclusively for the Nissan LEAF and now compatible with multiple Nissan models, the NissanConnect Services app gives you access to the many unique features of your fully electric vehicle. It allows you to check your charge and range while it’s still plugged in, so you can easily plan your next trip accordingly.

In your LEAF

Nissan LEAF display gauge showing battery level

Customisable Digital Information Display[2]

Want to check in on your battery level and range? Just scroll to the power meter and range screen to get this vital info. There’s even a charge time screen that can show you how full your battery is and how much time is remaining until it is fully charged up. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can also display this information on your centre screen using the NissanConnect Services app.