Nisan LEAF foot well with acceleration and brake pedals

What is e-Pedal?

e-Pedal is an advanced system that lets you adjust vehicle speed, and even come to a stop, by only depressing or releasing the accelerator pedal. When you use e-Pedal, regenerative braking is enhanced, helping charge your LEAF’s battery. It’s also great because you don’t have to keep switching between accelerator and brake pedals in traffic, reducing fatigue.[1]

When can I use e-Pedal?

You can use e-Pedal in your daily commute, in stop-and-go traffic and even at motorway speeds. e-Pedal does not work when your LEAF is placed in P (Park) or N (Neutral), or when cruise control, ProPILOT Assist or Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection is engaged.

How do I use e-Pedal?

Using your LEAF’s e-Pedal is simple. Here’s how to engage it:

Nissan LEAF e-Pedal button pressed by blue CG hand

Step 1   Engage e-Pedal by pushing the toggle on the centre console.

Nisan LEAF foot well with accelerator and brake pedal with blue CG foot

Step 2   To accelerate, press on the accelerator pedal – holding a constant position will help hold a constant speed.

Nisan LEAF foot well with accelerator and brake pedal with blue CG foot

Step 3   Ease off the pedal to slow/brake vehicle.

Completely releasing pressure will bring your LEAF to a smooth, complete stop – even on uphill or downhill roads. And e-Pedal will keep your vehicle stopped until you apply the accelerator again.

NOTE! For situations that may require more aggressive stopping, use the brake pedal.[1]


Slow it down

LEAF’s brake lights illuminate when the deceleration level reaches an ordinary braking operation.