The NissanConnect EV & Services app gives you access to a lot of smart features that will change the way you approach your drive – check out these especially helpful features below.

Illustration of Nissan LEAF outside and mobile phone showing a fan

Remote Climate Control

Chilly out? Start your Nissan LEAF from your compatible smartphone and get the cabin warmed up ahead of time. Or if it's hot outside, you can cool the cabin down. If your LEAF is plugged in, you won’t draw power from your battery, saving your range for when you’re on the road.

Illustration of Nissan LEAF driving at night with clock

Curfew Alert

Kids borrowing the car for the night? You can set a curfew alert on the NissanConnect Services app, and you’ll get a heads up if they're out too late.

Illustration of Nissan LEAF wheel and hand holding mobile phone

Tyre pressure

Never second-guess if a tyre is low on air. You can check your tyre pressure through the app so you can top up if needed.

Illustration of Nissan LEAF parked in home garage with hand holding mobile phone

Start a charge remotely

Whether you’re settling in for the night or starting your day at the office, you can set up your Nissan LEAF to charge while you’re away. Just connect to your charger and set your charge times via the app.

Illustration of Nissan LEAF driving at night

Driving history

Gain some insight on your driving patterns and Wh/km, including getting tips on extending your range.