There are some easy ways to enhance the range of your Nissan LEAF.

Illustration of foot depressing gas pedal

Use your e-Pedal[1]

LEAF’s e-Pedal lets you accelerate and brake, all with one pedal! To enhance your range, drive as smoothly as possible. Letting off the pedal engages regenerative braking, helping recharge your battery. (Note: There are certain situations where you will need to use the brake pedal.)

Illustration of Nissan LEAF shift lever in B mode


Placing your LEAF’s shift lever in B-mode will enhance the vehicle’s regenerative braking efficiency, helping to charge the battery and provide a longer range. Employing B-mode for downhill driving also enhances range. You can also use e-Pedal while your LEAF is in B-mode.

Illustration of Nissan LEAF Eco mode button

ECO Mode

Eco Mode is ideal for maximising your driving range and for city driving. When your shift lever is in D mode, Eco Mode will moderate air conditioning use, and reduce accelerator response. With shift lever in B-mode, it enhances regenerative braking – especially useful for adding range when driving downhill. You can also use e-Pedal while your LEAF is in Eco Mode.

Illustration of Nissan LEAF with day scene on left and night scene on right

Use LEAF’s Remote Climate Control

By using LEAF’s Remote Climate Control feature while charging, you can turn on the air conditioning or heat, so you get into a vehicle that’s nice and comfortable when you’re ready to go. Since heating and cooling your LEAF can require a significant amount of energy, using this feature can enhance your range.

Illustration of Nissan LEAF driving at night

How you drive matters

When pulling away, gently press and release the accelerator pedal – sudden or hard acceleration can reduce range. Use a constant accelerator position or cruise control when appropriate. Drive at moderate speeds, and maintain a safe distance behind other vehicles.