Add your phone for even better connected mobility

The NissanConnect EV mobile app for iPhone and Android makes it simple to manage your electric car wherever you can get a connection. It puts the tools you need to check your charge level, start charging, turn climate control on or off, check your estimated driving range and more, right in your pocket.

Plan My Route & My Car Finder

A set of straightforward tools to improve every journey. Plan your route,  search for the nearest charger - it can even remember where you parked.

Digital Audio

Put your whole playlist, including selected online streaming services - at your fingertips on your vehicle's infotainment screen when you connect your phone by USB or Bluetooth.

NissanConnect EV Route Planner

Carwings and its route planner gives you information about charging stations near to your car, and will find the best route to the nearest station. Locations are updated every three months, or you can download them manually for the very latest information. In the rare event of having a charge level less than 15%, the system will download the nearest charge locations and guide you to a station automatically.

Driving History

Driving History assists your day-to-day driving by allowing you to see information such as your energy economy and driving routes (uploaded every day), as well as your driving style and electricity usage. You can use this information to inform your driving for the future.


See how you rate against drivers across the world according to a number of criteria. Rankings are daily, monthly and weekly. Register to enter World Rankings and enjoy the friendly competition!

Eco Virtual Trees

See how many Eco Trees have been acquired and how Nissan electric vehicle drivers are helping save CO2 emissions in your country and around the world.

Vehicle Maintenance Alert & Reminder

Receive maintenance alerts on your You+ Nissan web portal and NissanConnect EV app when close to maintenance milestones.

Plug-in reminder

Store your favourite charging POI locations and your vehicle will tell you when you are close and remind you to plug-in.